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and are fully registered as agents with the Companies Registration Office and licensed and regulated as a Trust and Corporate Service Provider (TCSP) by the Department of Justice in IrelandWe'll make incorporating your company in Ireland as simple as possible from beginning to end.Aiding business owners and entrepreneurs with the proper structure and proper company registration in Ireland.
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We are the Companies Registration Office's registered agents.

From start to finish, we'll make incorporating your business in Ireland as easy as possible

  • Helping entrepreneurs and businesses owners register Irish companies correctly and with the right structure in place from the start.

  • An experienced team dedicated to providing a top-notch service and competitive fees.

  • We are registered agents with the Companies Registration Office

Pricing & Services

Our goal is to facilitate our client's ability to register their companies in Ireland.

Dormant Company Accounts: NON AUDIT


Every company in Ireland has to submit its annual return at least once a year, with the companies annual accounts. If your Annual Return is due but not late and your company has not traded, then we can submit your company returns to the CRO. If your first annual return is late you will lose your audit exemption. If any subsequent returns are late you will require an Audit (Click on the box above if your company requires an audit) Your company may have outstanding returns with the Revenue Commissioner, we can give you a separate quote to complete this work.NOTE: if your company is dormant and all your tax returns are up todate, then a Tax cancellation notice should be filed with Revenue under all tax headings effective from the date it ceased trading. There will then be no requirement to file any tax returns for periods after the effective date of cancellation. This is not included in the price of this package.


Dormant Company Accounts: AUDIT.


If your company misses its Annual Return Date, then your company automatically loses its Audit exemption for the following two years and they will have to pay late fees of up to €1220.00 in the current year.By clicking on the order form below we can stop any more late fees occurring and we can complete your company audit and have you CRO returns filed with in 28 days. Your company may have outstanding returns with the Revenue Commissioner, we can give you a separate quote to complete this work.NOTE: If your company is dormant and all your tax returns are up todate, then a Tax cancellation notice should be filed with Revenue under all tax headings effective from the date it ceased trading. There will then be no requirement to file any Tax returns for periods after the effective date of cancellation. This is not included in the price of this package.

Court Application to Extend annual Return Date


If you missed your Annual Return deadline with the Companies Registration Office (CRO) your company will be subject to an immediate late filing fee of €100 with a further €3 per day for every day thereafter, up to a maximum of €1,200.
Your company will also lose its audit exemption and will be obliged to have its financial statements formerly audited, for a two year period. This results in higher accounting costs and greater scrutiny of your company accounts.
Alternatively, we can apply to the District Court on your behalf for an Order to extend the time for submission of the annual return. We will charge you a fee for our work €1,249.99.
District Court Application Procedure:
You will need to complete our order form;
We will then make an application to the Court to receive a date for the hearing;
We will serve the Affidavit and Notice of Motion on the Companies Registration Office who in turn, will release their Letter of Consent;
The Affidavit and Declaration of Service will be filed before the Court Date; and
When the Order is granted, it will be filed with the Registrar of Companies and your company will have 28 days to deliver the Annual Return/s and Accounts to the CRO.
When you submit your company’s annual return to the CRO within the extended time period specified by the Court, the annual return will be deemed to have been delivered on time and the late filing penalties will not apply and your company will avoid losing its audit exemption.
However, if you have missed your company’s first six months annual return, we recommend you pay the CRO fine and not go through the expense of applying for a Court Application to extend your ARD. We have assisted in making many, successful, applications to the District Court.

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At Register A Business, we take great satisfaction in providing our clients with excellent business formation services.Here are a few explanations as to why you ought to pick us as your business formation agents:

Legally Correct

Our team of knowledgeable company formation agents makes sure that your business complies with the 2014 Companies Act regulations in a lawful manner.

Fast and simple

You may easily create a business that is set up legally, appropriately, and swiftly with our simple company creation method.

Devoted Assistance from Professionals

To assist you with forming your business, our staff of licensed accountants and company formation agents is available.

Save administrative time

You may have confidence knowing you are supported throughout this process because of our time-saving automation, professional counsel, and hands-on help.


The Department of Justice has granted us a license and holds us in good standing as a Trust and Service Company Provider in Ireland. We are also a registered agent with the Companies Registration Office.

The process

For our clients, our business formation process is designed to be quick and simple. The process is as follows:

  1. Use the buttons Pay now with crezco or stripe to order our services online.

  2. To discuss your requirements and ensure you are set up with the appropriate shares, etc., we will give you a callback.

  3. Provide us with the business information and identity papers we require.

  4. We will create the necessary papers for you.

  5. Complete the application and send it back to us.

  6. As soon as everything is completed, you will have your new company's paperwork and certificate of incorporation. It's that easy!

Information That We Need

When we call, you will need to have this exact information on hand in order to finish the company registration procedure. This comprises:

  • Company Information: In order to obtain the information we need to establish the company in Ireland, we will ask you a series of short questions.

  • Personal Information: We require the names, residence addresses, birth dates, nationalities, and occupations of all company directors and shareholders.

  • ID and Address Proof: We will need copies of your ID and addresses for all directors, secretaries, and shareholders as part of our client acceptance procedure. This enables us to confirm your identity and guarantee the veracity of the data you have supplied.

12 things to think about

Our website is set up to make creating an Irish business as simple and hassle-free as possible.
This is how it goes:


Choose a Company Name

It's crucial to pick a distinctive and acceptable business name that abides by the Companies Registration Office's guidelines (CRO). We can assist you in determining if the chosen company name is available and that it is sufficiently unique from any other names that are already registered or that have been dissolved. Please take notice that only once the CRO has officially registered the business and given the Certificate of Incorporation can the name be guaranteed.


Identify the Company Activities of the Company.

Every business engages in at least one particular activity. An LTD company is capable of doing a variety of tasks and has the capacity of a genuine person. To select the proper NACE code for the A1 form that will be sent to the CRO, we will need to know what activities your organization plans to engage in.


List the Directors.

The individuals who are legally responsible for the corporation are the directors. One director is all that is necessary for an LTD company, but in such cases, the business also needs a separate secretary.


A company secretary should be chosen.

A secretary, who may be a director or a different entity, is required for every corporation. If someone won't play an active part, the company secretary could be an excellent alternative because they have fewer legal requirements than a director.


Designate a shareholder for the company.

There must be one member/shareholder in every company. The company is owned by its shareholders, thus it is crucial to take into account who is in possession of the company's shares as well as the number of shares that will be distributed to the shareholders. Several share classes with various rights may exist in a corporation.


Distribute the company's authorized share capital.

The greatest amount of share capital that the business is permitted to issue (allocate) to shareholders under the terms of its Constitution is known as the approved share capital (or nominal share capital). A portion of the authorized share capital may remain unissued, which happens often. It is significant to stress that this sum is minimal and that there is no need to pay it or any associated liability. The Companies Act of 2014 eliminates the need for an Authorized Share Capital under Irish law, which is referred to as the uncapped option.


Distribute the issued capital of the companies

The whole share capital that has been issued (assigned) to shareholders is known as the Issued Share Capital. Contrary to much of Europe, Irish company law does not require that the issued share capital be paid up; nevertheless, the shareholder's obligation is only liable for the outstanding share capital. In Ireland, a limited liability corporation is founded on this idea.As was already indicated, a Private Company Limited by Shares (LTD) is not required to have an authorised share capital under the Companies Act 2014, but it is required to have an issued share capital.


Choose the address of the company's registered office.

Every business must have a registered office location. Legal papers must be sent to a physical address within the State, and certain records, such as the company's statutory register and minute book, must be retained there.


Company Register & Company Seal

All businesses are required by law to have a company registry and a company seal.


Company Constitution

A formal document that lays forth a company's policies is called a constitution. The connection between the corporation, shareholders, directors, and other corporate executives is also described. The number of pages in the constitution is entirely up to you.


Tax Registration & Beneficial Owners Register

All businesses must file for Corporation Tax within 30 days of their incorporation, and they must also register with the Registry of Beneficial Owners within 5 months after registering their business.



We advise everyone who owns shares in a corporation to have a will and a shareholders agreement in place.

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